Cheffins at the Beaumont

St. Peter, Jersey
The redevelopment of the site of Jersey’s oldest pub is finished and offers a Bar, Inn and Gastro lounge at Cheffins at the Beaumont Inn La Route de la Haule, St Peter JE3 7BA Overall Rating
Staff: 8/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Food and drinks: 5/10
Value for money: 7/10

There has been an endless buzz about the refurbished Cheffins at Beaumont. Full of expectations. It does not disappoint. Entering the restaurant, you are immediately met with the scent of new carpets and paint. In a rush to finish? The grouting in the toilets was not finished and poorly completed. But why look at the toilets when you have the plush décor of the restaurant. Warm and Welcoming. A gourmet pub no less, with soft teal, cream, and soft blues hues. The atmosphere retains an aura of class and distinction. It is calm and tranquil, but maybe that is because it was half empty, or full, depending on how you view your glass.

The waiter and waitress service were positively charming. We had a lovely seat and admired the pictures whilst perusing the menu and wine list. We spoke in soft, dulcet tones, so as not to disrupt Cheffins alluring ambiance. We adored the shape and design of the dishware. I even considered hijacking (sorry acquiring) the water jug. Fabulous mixed bread selection. Will all this hype and presentation live up to our expectations?

Sadly no. The lamb’s liver was very pink inside. Surely, the waitress should have enquired how we wished the liver to be cooked. It was returned to the chef. The embarrassed waitress return to say that the chef had advised that this is the correct way to cook liver. Raw??? But the sauce was divine. Surely not. Shock. Horror. Sorry, Aren’t we the customer here?? Who is this egotistic chef? Reluctantly is was removed and reheated. The disputed liver was returned by a very apologetic waitress with a take it or leave it attitude. She had obviously been brow beaten by the well-credentialed chef who knows better. It was still bloody and the remainder of the meal remained untouched. Should have stuck with the fabulous bread selection. The vegetable cocktail dish was succulent and flavoursome, with cucumber sorbet. Yes, quite delicious. Onto the crab cannelloni. Luke warm, but fabulous. Maybe this is a new gourmet style, serving food a tepid temperature? Or maybe in my ignorance it was meant to be cold? Who knows? I feel a chef challenge coming up.

Next up, Rhubarb Crumble. Surely, this was going to be a piece of cake., Good, Old fashioned Crumble, I mean what could go wrong?
Rhubarb? What Rhubarb? Must be in the dish somewhere. Whilst spooning through a concoction of oat crumble stodge, some was eventually found at the bottom. Isn’t crumble meant to have a fluffy and crunchy topping? The ratio of rhubarb to crumble, is lacking. Maybe some cream will help. The meal was left aside.

Had an Irish Coffee and finally found perfection.

I'm disappointed and vaguely confused about Cheffins. It doesn’t meet all the hype and fails to deliver the ultimate, sophisticated, dining experience. At this level of gastro delights, there are many other restaurants in Jersey that deliver a better gourmet experience and meal. Some of the meals are hit and miss. The staff are a delicious combination of professionalism and customer service. Yet, they stumble when there is an issue with a meal and should have been more proactive in supporting and assisting the customer. Certainly, the return of meals is not acceptable for a restaurant of this standard.

The menu is varied and flamboyant but comes off as slightly less interesting when served. By unanimous consent, Cheffins, like its unfinished toilets, requires refinement and more work.

Should have kept to the bread basket.

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